Power up your Women's Network

, Women’s Network

We provide training, ongoing inspiration, and work-life mentorship to support your women’s network. We partner with you to achieve your goal of creating energized and engaged female employees that can more productively drive the growth of your business.

We have content we can seamlessly deliver on important topics that the women on your teams are craving.

Your organization benefits from time and cost savings of having a consistent provider to support your women.

What's Included



  • Monthly recordings accessed via a private secure portal
  • Discussion guide for leading internal groups
  • Facilitated discussion by a Brilliant Balance coach for an upcharge

Benefits to Organizations

  • Higher performing women
  • Access to training content with time and cost savings - no more finding, scheduling, on-boarding multiple partners and no in person expenses, e.g. travel
  • Consistent voice providing guidance avoids confusion from potentially competing messages

Benefits to Employees

  • Validation of company support for women, especially high performing
  • Access to expert coaching content to drive productivity and elevate potential
  • Improved energy management, productivity and fulfillment at work and home

Training Content for 2020

  • August - Back to school in a pandemic environment
  • September - Get in the productive zone when you're working from home
  • October - Why you need a mentor
  • November - Be a leader when it comes to change
  • December - Navigating courageous conversations to further your career