Episode #22 – When to Break Your Routine…On Purpose

Routines are one of the strongest currents you can ride throughout your life to be both efficient and productive.

However, Type-A perfectionistic people tend to over-adhere to those routines and struggle to know when it’s appropriate to break them.

In today’s show I’m going to share four signals to watch for that might indicate it’s time to break your routine…on purpose…to get a much better outcome in your life.


  • The importance of having a solid, structured morning routine ([1:00])
  • Why the majority of people need more routine in their life ([2:00])
  • Why having a daily routine is crucial to your success ([4:00])
  • An obvious sign that your routine is not working ([6:00])
  • Escaping the ‘autopilot’ life and creating more memorable PEAKS in your life ([9:00])
  • How to listen to your body and actually get answers ([11:45])
  • Cracking the creative code: How to fill the ‘blank’ page ([14:50])

Tune in and enjoy today’s show!

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  1. Leslie Rae on May 30, 2018 at 10:34 am

    This message was so timely for me as I am simultaneously creating and breaking routines – working on a morning and evening routine to enhance my mindset, and making small changes (e.g. exploring new routes home) to engage my brain. I just put a note on my computer to “Create more peaks” – thanks for the inspiration!

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