What’s blocking your view?

Have you ever played the children’s game in which  you hold your thumb out at arm’s length and close one eye, as you attempt to cover up an object in the distance with your thumb? You finally get it covered with perfect precision….and then you make one tiny change. You switch which eye is closed.  All of a sudden the object you were able to cover up is no longer obscured – that little shift in perspective pops it back into view in an instant. It was there all along. Try it for a second so you can see what I mean.

, What’s blocking your view?

When you play this game with children, it’s to teach a lesson about perspective.

Let’s see what it can teach us as adults.

Somewhere in your life, I’m betting you have one eye closed and a proverbial thumb blocking your view.

Let’s imagine the thumb represents something that has captured your attention these days – a problem you’re wrestling with, or an issue you can’t seem to resolve or an insecurity that is weighing on you.  This thumb is the thing keeping you up at night; it’s the decision you can’t make or the worry you can’t shake.

When your gaze is locked on that “thumb” you will inadvertently obscure your view of everything behind it. The bigger the “thumb,” the more it can hide.

If the problem is big enough, it will block your view of all the good in your life – the blessings – the opportunities – the paths toward the future you desire. They’re all still there, but they’re hidden because of the angle from which you’re eyeing the situation (and that giant thumb in your line of sight).

From the wrong angle, one little thumb can completely obscure your view. , What’s blocking your view?

It can feel like somehow everything good in your life has disappeared and all that’s left is this giant thumb. You may get a glimpse here and there of things beyond the thumb, but those glimpses are fleeting, and it can feel hopeless.

But it’s not hopeless; it’s a matter of perspective.

Remember the little game? All it took to bring those hidden objects back into view was to switch which eye was open.

What if you did the same? What hidden blessings might be revealed in the simple blink of an eye?

What’s out there, obscured from view, that you might be able to see again if you took a look from a brand new angle?

Could one small shift in perspective bring your life back into focus? , What’s blocking your view?

Maybe it’s time to find out.

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