What if you CAN?

Well, hello there. Yep, you. The one with that idea in the back of your mind. That idea that keeps surfacing even though you keep pushing it back again and again. I know you don’t think it’s possible.

But what if it is? 

What if you can

What if you really can do it?

What if you actually do have what it takes? Twitter_logo_blue

What if you do know the right people?

What if the financing does come through?

What if she’s hoping you’ll ask?

What if he’s going to say yes?

What if you won’t go broke?

What if it isn’t stupid?

What if you are qualified?

What if it works?

What if you’re actually better than you think? Twitter_logo_blue

What if you succeed?

What if they love it? Twitter_logo_blue

What if you can?

What then?


It's impossible said pride

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