, Tracey

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"Long story short: we have been in new dream home for about 3 months now and I have been in my new job for about 7 months. Big changes!"

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I felt stuck in my job. I felt suffocated in my house. My oldest was heading to college and I felt I had more options for career change.

Cherylanne helped me understand what about my life felt unsettled. She helped me with the process of reorganizing/decluttering my house and helped me shift my paradigm on work - her thoughts on value of work have helped me see how I bring something marketable to the world. She helps me see my gifts which I have taken for granted.

I think my outcome was not what I anticipated - it was better - crazy but that's how it happened for me. The changes have been overwhelmingly positive.

And one thing I know for sure, the changes would not have happened if I had not made the investment in myself.


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, Tracey

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