The REAL danger of being busy all the time

Here’s a scenario for you.

It’s a regular weekday morning, and you just got the kids off to school. You gather everything you need for the day and go out to your car to begin the commute to work.

And all of a sudden your body senses danger. It releases adrenaline to prepare you to escape, and endorphins to numb you to pain. Your heart rate goes up, your muscles become tight, and your senses get hyper-sensitive.

WHAT IS HAPPENING? Where is the danger?

Spoiler alert: There is none.

You’re just busy all the time, and this is how it shows up in your body.

, The REAL danger of being busy all the time

In today’s podcast episode, I’m going to take a look at the major side effects of a busy schedule, how it might be affecting you, and what you can do to add some space in your day.

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