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My signature coaching program has delivered life-changing results for hundreds of women across the country. But don't take my word for it.

On this page, you'll find a collection of clients' stories through video interviews, emails, and their Facebook posts.
Just like you, these women were looking for change. Just like you, these women had a bigger vision for themselves than what the were living. Just like you, these women were looking to unlock their full potential while sustaining balance. Whether you're seeking to find balance or to live out your purpose, or you're an entrepreneur looking to up-level your business, you've come to the right place!

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I Want to Get Control of My Calendar & To Do List

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I Want to Find My Purpose & Take Action to Fulfill It

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I Want to Step Change Business Growth

Take a look around and then ask yourself if you are going to be our next success story!

You're wondering if this really works...

You're intrigued, and now you're asking yourself  "Will this actually work for ME?"

I get it.

You need proof.

So let's start with some real stories from real women who made the choice to BE BRILLIANT.

Get Control of Calendar and To-Do List

Success Stories from Our Clients Looking to Find Balance...

Hear from our clients in their own words...

"I now have room to breathe! I really didn’t think I could live like this!"

Cook, Dawn


Travel Industry / Non-Profit

I made the decision to join Breakthrough because I knew I couldn’t go on the same trajectory. I was missing genuine presence - I felt like I was going through the motions and only seeing my daughters in the rearview mirror - I was just driving them around rather than enjoying the time together.

After enrolling in Breakthrough, I realized I can be both a mom AND an employee AND can get the life I want, not just the job I want; and, I'm passing on these life lessons to my 2 beautiful daughters.

I have truly benefited from learning to say 'no' and discovering my legacy with my non-profit. I have became a better friend, as I now hear my friends differently - I am listening better. I have learned to respect time more the importance of foundational balance practices. I feel much closer to my husband and my daughters now.

I would recommend the program if you feel like something is missing or feel like you’re in a hamster wheel. Just do it!

"I have increased confidence and now see myself in a whole new light. I'm just plain happy!"


When I first started working with Cherylanne, I was at a turning point in my life, having just left my full time job to pursue my own venture. Starting my own blog.

I was dedicating long hours and travel to work at the expense of my family. Even when I was home, I wasn’t really there. My mind was on work and everything I needed to get done the next day. Meanwhile, my kids need me now more than ever as they get older. All the logistics and planning of others running my household and picking up my kids was driving me crazy.

I immediately jumped on the "Cherylanne" bandwagon and reached out to her. I had just left my job, my career, my identity if you will. I was a blank canvas and I needed some guidance in this new stage of my life.

Cynthia Correa


Sue K B
Dawn C FB Post
Dawn FB Post
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Tara A
Catherine FB Post

Breakthrough Client

I have had four weeks now of managing my work inbox and projects effectively – longest this has ever happened! I broke out email “ZONES” during the day where I sprint and file, respond, or put on task list with a scheduled date and time. I have had more time to get projects turned in…

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Allison O.

I have already had some massive changes to my life because of the coaching so far that I wanted to outline to you… I am now getting 7+ hours of sleep per night vs. old way of 5-6. Massive change with energy. I have now for the last 4 weeks utilized Evernote as well as…

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Cherylanne, I wanted to thank you again for your time last week. That hour was truly transformative for me and I’m grateful! In this past week, I’ve devoured your videos on time management and getting a handle on your calendar. It has made a big difference for me. Things are getting done and I’m not…

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I just want to say how impressed I continue to be with you and all that you do - and how beautifully you tell the truth to inspire us! Thank you for sharing your insights and celebrating the real lives that we all lead, and helping motivate and encourage us in the process. Wishing you continued success and happiness!

~ Allison O.

I have to say I have had the BEST week I can remember in a long time! I've accomplished a ton, felt so much more present with friends and family, and truly enjoyed play/rest time that I was able to set aside. I seem to be shedding that ever-present cloud that was lingering above me filled with all the things I should be doing but don't know how I'll ever do. I proved to myself that I could make some real changes.

~ Sue K. after her second week in coaching

Thank YOU so much for today! You gave me a new found sense of hope. I walked away from our meeting today feeling like everything is possible after all, and that was a fantastic feeling. I'm excited at the thought of working with you and going through your program. I definitely feel like it will be a game changer for me.

~ Jen

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Define Purpose and Take Action to Fulfill It

Success Stories from Our Clients Seeking Purpose...

Hear from our clients in their own words...

"I'm no longer 'wishing upon a star.' I have an attainable plan and know what it will take to get there."

Danielle Bell professional photo


Finance IT

I joined Breakthrough to get more out of my career and to find my true purpose. I was in a role with good visibility, but I kept questioning 'what's next?' I kept telling myself I should be happy with how far I've come and with where I am, but I just didn't feel like my current position was tapping into my life's passion.

I was also looking to strengthen and prioritize relationships in my personal life - I wanted to make sure I was carving out enough time to invest in those I truly care about. The legacy statement work helped me to deepen and develop more genuine connections.

Cherylanne's story resonated with me. She 'got my weird' right away and it was comforting to know that I’d be working with someone who understood me - my spirit. I didn’t feel like I was talking to a stranger, and she truly wanted to help me get there.

In working with Cherylanne, I have developed a plan that is attainable and not just a 'wish upon a star.' I know where I want my life to go, and I know what it will take to get there. For instance, I told Cherylanne I wanted to go to Africa and learn Swahili - I have since booked the trip and am being more intentional in making it happen.

"I now have a more rewarding, purpose-driven set of work and a better quality of life."


Client Success Director, The Brilliant Balance Co.

I was successful in my job. I was doing well, I was earning a great income. I was progressing in the company...but I felt like a ball in a pinball machine. I was constantly running from one meeting or one appointment to the other...when I came home I was really spent, and as much as I wanted to dedicate my focus and attention to my children and my husband, I was tired and still had things running through my head from the day.

I hated that I wasn't able to give my family the quality time I wanted. And finally there was just this moment where I realized that, while I'm working really hard and I'm successful, I'm not feeling like I'm getting the most out of life. And I have these ongoing, lingering questions as to whether or not I'm doing the right thing.

Through the Brilliant Balance Breakthrough program, I was able to explore and articulate my purpose, and found that it did not match my current job. I started looking for other career opportunities that better matched this purpose and, quite frankly, now that I've made that change, I feel like I have a more rewarding set of work and better quality of life.

I would absolutely say my life is much better since going through the Breakthrough program. I needed a lot of support and coaching and encouragement to build my confidence to make such a big career change. It was through the coaching, the mindset work and the community of women in the Breakthrough program that really helped give me the courage to do it.

Amanda H

Katie K.

I’m working on Week 10. I’ve finished the videos and was addressing the purpose prompts. Rather than let myself get anxious about it, I went into it with a sort of mellow and open mind. I don’t remember which one, but I just ran smack-dab into something Cherylanne said in one of the videos. I…

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Mary L

Thanks for all your support and your firm commitment to moving forward. You have inspired me to be the person I always felt was possible, but didn’t have the support and tools to do myself. I look forward to our phone call Tuesday morning, and am finishing up with my life map and project plan!

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Carolyn M.

When I first came to the program, I was moving toward becoming a nurse. It’s what I wanted to do my whole life. It had to be my dream. It had to be my purpose. So I decided to go on for my RN program. Through the Brilliant Balance program and a lot of work,…

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Adrena M.

I found Brilliant Balance during a time of transition from corporate life to becoming an independent consultant with Rodan and Fields. I had been struggling with being fully present to re-engage back into corporate life after taking a much-needed sabbatical. I knew I had to find something different, but did not know where to start.…

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Thank you! You are helping me bring my life to an entirely new level! Thank you for doing what you are meant to do. You made a huge difference for me and I am certain so many others.

~ Belinda S.

Things here are moving at the speed of light... I accepted a job offer closer to family today and my husband has an interview for a huge promotion and pay raise job on Monday in the same area!

~ Katie S.

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Step Change Business Growth without Breaking Your Life

Success Stories from Our Entrepreneurial Clients...

Hear from our clients in their own words...

"I would absolutely say my life is much better since going through Breakthrough."

Robinson, Jessi


I was struggling to bid five-figure jobs - it was very uncomfortable for me. After working with Cherylanne, I'm securing multiple five-figure projects, even six-figure projects. I'm forecasting beyond a year, and it's so much less stressful.

I didn't realize how much my mindset and my own personal limiting beliefs were getting in my way. Cherylanne helped me put that scarcity mindset aside.

There are not enough words to describe how much she has helped me. The support from Cherylanne has been amazing.

"Worth every penny... my business growth has paid for my coaching investment tenfold."


When I started working with Cherylanne, I had a business idea but was completely unsure of how to start. I was unhappy with my job, and deep in the throes of infertility. I knew something in my life had to change. Through Cherylanne’s coaching, I was able to get focused, dive in, and create my company. I landed four clients within a couple months using a targeted cold email strategy. Even more importantly, Cherylanne worked with me to shift my mindset around infertility, and I got pregnant!

In just nine months, I had secured enough clients to quit my full-time job and self-fund a paid maternity leave. Within two years of quitting my job, I had nearly quadrupled my old salary. The growth of my business was supported and fueled in large part by my participation in Boardroom with Cherylanne and other high achieving entrepreneurs.

Through it all, Cherylanne helped me maintain a strong balance between work and family, so I can spend significant quality time with my daughter every single day while maintaining my business growth.

Stephanie S Headshot


Carolyn T FB Post
Jessi R. FB Post
Emily A FB Post
Darcie B FB Post
Darcie B FB Post 2

My experience using Cherylanne as a coach was a great gift to myself.

~ Francie

Thank you for believing in my vision and pushing me toward it.

~ Alma R.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We've collected a few more testimonials for you here to hopefully help answer your top questions.

What is the program like? | What do you get from the program? | What are the results?

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Tracy FB Post
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Quality of Content Proof
Jessica Email
Shared Wins FB Post
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How can I convince my spouse this is a good idea?

Darcie B FB Post 2

My husband and I have gotten very clear on our financial goals, and we've reclaimed our day-to-day time with each other and our family with purpose...

~ Ellen L.

Wendy H FB Post 2

Is this a good value for my money?

Wendy H FB Post

This is worth WAY more than I invested to be in it, and it was exhilarating!!

~ Alma R.

I would recommend it highly. It's probably the best investment that you can make in yourself.

~ Amy C.

More Kind Words from My Lovely Clients

Susie Orman Schnall, Rye, NY

Through my interactions with Cherylanne, through reading her blog, through working with her on a joint project, and through a one-on-one call we had, I have continually been inspired and motivated to go to the next level with my work and my dreams. Cherylanne encouraged me to take a step that frightened me. Ultimately, I…

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Francie Engel, Bend, OR

My experience using Cherylanne as a business coach was a great gift to myself. I am a mother and a wife and I struggled with spending the money on myself. I am glad I did for so many reasons. I learned so much about what it takes to run a business. I was able to weigh out…

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Tracey, Fort Thomas, KY

My life was really good!  That was how I would describe my life because as I looked at my life, there wasn’t one thing I could say was bad.  My children are wonderful – striving and thriving!  My husband adores me and he is my most favorite person to be with on any day.  I had created…

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Paige, Loveland, OH

Here I am at my goal weight and feeling great! I have a plan in place to never gain back the weight that I lost. BUT, I didn’t always have a plan! I heard Cherylanne speak to the Moms’ Group at my church and I thought to myself, maybe she can help me figure out…

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Anne, Cincinnati, OH

Up until recently, I felt like I was just going through the motions of every day life and/or treading water to get through my day. I was missing out on precious moments with my family, I was not living a healthy lifestyle, and I simply wasn’t enjoying much of anything…I was too caught up in…

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Carly, San Francisco, CA

Cherylanne is a breath of fresh air. She became my coach while I was working at Procter & Gamble, and I am forever grateful that we met. Cherylanne has a unique ability to cut through clutter, noise and excuses. She quickly drills down to the core issues, diagnoses them appropriately, and responds with a sensitive…

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Sarah, Cincinnati, OH

Cherylanne is an amazing coach. She has a true gift with her ability to listen and respond without judgement, teaching me effective ways to take responsibility for my own actions. My experience working with Cherylanne has been insightful and profound; our sessions have become engaging conversations bringing an increased self-awareness and mindfulness to my daily…

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L.S., Indian Hill, OH

Equal parts nurturer and task-master, Cherylanne brings the perfect combination to the coaching relationship. She has a gift for meeting you right where you are, and helping you figure out where to go next. Her intelligence is obvious. More importantly, she has strong intuition that never steers you wrong. I recommend Cherylanne to any woman…

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M.B., Cincinnati, OH

Cherylanne is a mentor and coach who met me right where I was – in a place of struggle and a place I called ‘stuck’. She listens without judgment and helps apply course corrections that are effective and allow you to take immediate action to move yourself through life’s stresses. Cherylanne has helped me ‘Play…

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