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So let's start with some real stories from real women who made the choice to BE BRILLIANT.

My signature coaching program has delivered life-changing results for hundreds of women across the country. But don't take my word for it.

On this page I've collected some of my clients' stories through video interviews, emails, and their Facebook posts.

Have a look around and then ask yourself if you are going to be our next success story!

Thank you. You are helping me bring my life to an entirely new level! Thank you for doing what you are meant to do. You made a huge difference for me and I am certain so many others.

~ Belinda

Things here are moving at the speed of light... I accepted a job offer closer to family today and my husband has an interview for a huge promotion and pay raise job on Monday in the same area!

~ Katie

Success stories straight from the heart...

Hear from my clients in their own words...

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"I would absolutely say my life is much better since going through Breakthrough."


Founder & Creative Director, Print & Pixel Creative

I was struggling to bid five-figure jobs - it was very uncomfortable for me. After working with Cherylanne, I'm securing multiple five-figure projects, even six-figure projects. I'm forecasting beyond a year, and it's so much less stressful. I didn't realize how much my mindset and my own personal limiting beliefs were getting in my way. Cherylanne helped me put that scarcity mindset aside. There are not enough words to describe how much she has helped me. The support from Cherylanne has been amazing.


Client Success Director, The Brilliant Balance Company

I was successful in my job, I was earning a great income...but I felt like a ball in a pinball machine. I was constantly running from one meeting to another...when I came home I was really spent and wasn't able to give my family the quality time that we all wanted.

I finally realized that, while I'm working really hard and I'm successful, I'm not feeling like I'm getting the most out of life. Through the Brilliant Balance Breakthrough program, I was able to explore and articulate my purpose. I made a career change that better matched this purpose and now have a more rewarding set of work and better quality of life.

 Are YOU ready to take your life to the next level?

Book your FREE Call and talk to a Breakthrough Advisor to see what's possible for YOU

 Are YOU ready to take your life to the next level?

Book your FREE Call and talk to a Breakthrough Advisor to see what's possible for YOU

 Are YOU ready to take your life to the next level?

Book your FREE Call and talk to a Breakthrough Advisor to see what's possible for YOU


Founder, Rocking Over 40

When I first started working with Cherylanne, I was at a turning point in my life, having just left my full time job to pursue my own venture. Starting my own blog.

I was dedicating long hours and travel to work at the expense of my family. Even when I was home, I wasn’t really there. My mind was on work and everything I needed to get done the next day. Meanwhile, my kids need me now more than ever as they get older. All the logistics and planning of others running my household and picking up my kids was driving me crazy.

I immediately jumped on the "Cherylanne" bandwagon and reached out to her. I had just left my job, my career, my identity if you will. I was a blank canvas and I needed some guidance in this new stage of my life.

I was a bit nervous and apprehensive about working with Cherylanne it at first. I wasn’t sure if I was cut out to work with a coach. Most of my life I had figured things out on my own. I wasn’t used to working alongside someone who didn’t know me or know what I was made out of, where I came from. How could she really help me? But once I decided to go for it, I knew that the only way this would be a successful experience for us was if I gave 100% of me and worked really hard on all the assignments.

I loved working with Cherylanne. I think the whole experience delivered a lot more than I expected. She had a way of looking at my entire life as it relates to achieving my goals. She helped me shed a new light into different situations I was encountering. I believe I came out a lot stronger in the end. More confident in my abilities because I understood where I was coming from.

Everything she asked us to do, all the exercises that dove deep into who we are, what our values are, what we believe in, what are barriers are, what are ideals are, what are dreams are and so on are so tied with everything that we do now. It all contributes to how we move forward in life. My biggest breakthrough was learning so much about myself, just bringing it all to the table really helped inform why I am the way I am, why I behave a certain way. She gave me the tools to overcome obstacles and continue moving forward.

Throughout the coaching process I experienced increased confidence and now see myself in a whole new light, and I'm just plain happy! I’m able to manage my life better and with all of that comes peace of mind. Not having enough time to do what I want to do has always been a big hurdle for me, but breaking out all the hours of the day and doing the Time Study helped me overcome this.

I was able to implement my Rocking Over 40 website and social media outlets. I'm more organized and am following through. All the methods and techniques she taught me really helped me tremendously. I stand up to my fears with more courage to face them, and I have increased confidence in myself and my capabilities.

If I hadn’t decided to work with Cherylanne, I’d probably still be working on launching my site and stuck in a rut.

I already referred one of my good friends to Cherylanne and she is working with her. I told her that having a life coach like Cherylanne really helped get my life in order. I do think that you need to be ready for it, you need to be open-minded, you need to put in the time and the effort to achieving your goals, otherwise it will not help you.

I have to say I have had the BEST week I can remember in a long time! I've accomplished a ton, felt so much more present with friends and family, and truly enjoyed play/rest time that I was able to set aside. I seem to be shedding that ever-present cloud that was lingering above me filled with all the things I should be doing but don't know how I'll ever do. I proved to myself that I could make some real changes."

~ Sue K. after her second week in coaching

As moms and as caregivers, we often feel guilty for investing in ourselves because we feel like we're taking away from our family. But in order for us to become more effective for them, we have to invest in ourselves. We have to invest in taking care of ourselves and nourishing our own dreams and our own visions.

~ Alma R. Breakthrough Alum

 Are YOU ready to take your life to the next level?

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Alma - Client


I know that I have probably mentioned this in the past, but I want to thank you again for believing in my vision and pushing me toward it. I have never felt like I am in the center of God's will more than what I have in this season.

I am looking forward to all of the wonderful things that He will do. I sincerely appreciate you.


Sue K A
Tara A
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Sue K B
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 Are YOU ready to take your life to the next level?

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I wanted to thank you again for your time last week. That hour was truly transformative for me and I'm grateful! In this past week, I've devoured your videos on time management and getting a handle on your calendar. It has made a big difference for me. Things are getting done and I'm not feeling overwhelmed. Most importantly, though, you said something to me in our conversation that resonated profoundly with me. You mentioned that I was focused on worse-case scenarios rather than best. That one little statement was a game changer for me to shift the lens through which I have viewed my future. I'm feeling this awareness in my thinking and it's powerful. I hope you don't mind that your voice has become my internal guide that is virtually keeping me on track. I know how much I am going to benefit when I can hear it for real (and with your actual words, not my brain translating what it wishes/ thinks it should hear).


Hi Cherylanne,

I have already had some massive changes to my life because of the coaching so far that I wanted to outline to you...

I am now getting 7+ hours of sleep per night vs. old way of 5-6. Massive change with energy.

I have now for the last 4 weeks utilized Evernote as well as daily and weekly time blocking for key personal and work tasks and projects.

I have done the weekly check-in and made adjustments to the following week’s calendar and moved around appointments PROACTIVELY – wow!

I have found tasks that can be bundled together (weekly outfit planning, snack planning for my daughter, swim lessons with my pool workouts) and have blocked time to get them done.

I found tasks that can be made more efficient and DONE that – weekly online ordering and grocery pickup – HUGE time saver.

I have dreamt of the day we have a maid come clean our home and do the time consuming in-depth cleaning for the last 16 years – TODAY is that day. This was a shift due to prioritization of cleaning vs. family time….

We have had 4 family dinners per week free from electronics with PLANNED meals that are ready generally at a good time (used to be 2-3 times per week).

I look forward to the next 6 weeks, but wanted to send you an update!

Thank you!


What an impactful conversation!

Our chat today was the perfect Valentine's gift to myself. My head and heart feel so encouraged. You are a great listener and seem to understand the importance of living an intentional life.

Thank you for the time and energy you stand ready to invest in me and my happiness. I feel inspired already --- You define meaningful work!

Looking forward to Tuesday,


Hi Cherylanne,

I have been really trying to be focused and intentional to make sure the changes actually stick and am giving myself the latitude to take extra time if needed to make sure I am following through on foundational practices. This is completely new for me as I like to be the type “A – done quickly – extra credit” person, but I know that time spent investing in building this foundation will have the best payoff vs. doing it quickly!

Thank you!


Thank YOU so much for today! You gave me a new found sense of hope. I walked away from our meeting today feeling like everything is possible after all, and that was a fantastic feeling. I'm excited at the thought of working with you and going through your program. I definitely feel like it will be a game changer for me.

Thanks again,


I have wrestled with the bad habit of setting massive unattainable, unrealistic goals and have been really trying to focus on the basics first, then layer on with my priorities. We will talk more about this in our 1:1, however, this has been the largest transformation of all and the other processes have created space and been a conduit to allow this to happen.


I have had four weeks now of managing my work inbox and projects effectively – longest this has ever happened! I broke out email “ZONES” during the day where I sprint and file, respond, or put on task list with a scheduled date and time.

I have had more time to get projects turned in a day early vs. the last hour the day it is due.

I am more prepared for meetings because my process allows for running tasks lists by party and project type.

I have notified people if/when tasks can be done and scheduled them in the future as appropriate.

I have worked on this practice with my team and have supported more progress vs. stress because of my being proactive and planful with all of our projects.

I also have looked ahead and moved meetings/planned projects based on how busy days or weeks are so there is space to be realistic with the tasks for the day and respond if any urgent issues come up.

ZONES: This has been massively transformational as if have tried to cram things I may have missed into later parts of the day if I fall behind.

I am now allocating time to do things. If I don’t get it done at that time, it either doesn’t get done (i.e. if I sleep in vs. do my workout) or I move it to that zone tomorrow. This either motivates me to get it done, or decide to move it to the next day and be at peace with that decision.

I will talk with you on the call today!

My experience using Cherylanne as a coach was a great gift to myself.

~ Francie

Such an amazing group of inspiring women!

~ Allison

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Here's what husbands are saying...

More praise from women upleveling with BREAKTHROUGH...

Susie Orman Schnall, Rye, NY

Through my interactions with Cherylanne, through reading her blog, through working with her on a joint project, and through a one-on-one call we had, I have continually been inspired and motivated to go to the next level with my work and my dreams. Cherylanne encouraged me to take a step that frightened me. Ultimately, I…

Jouett Brenzel, Kao NOW Education Committee

The members of the newly formed Kao Network of Women had expressed a strong interest in the subject of mentoring. So we were excited to have Cherylanne address the topic in her presentation “Mentorship for the Modern Workplace.” Cherylanne was spot on! She provided insight on why each of us needs multiple mentors—personally and professionally–…

Lisa, Los Angeles, CA

Here is a report out on a sample “LIFE DESIGN STRATEGY CALL” that I did with Cherylanne. This is the first step in evaluating whether or not the client and Cherylanne are a good fit to work together. Actually we decided that we are NOT a good fit – however the conversation was totally enjoyable…

Kaitlin Sitchenko, Atlanta GA

Cherylanne Skolnicki, thank you. As a “too-busy” lady, exhausted by trying to keep my floundering ducks “looking good” (in an alleged row), your talk was “beyond” exactly what I needed to hear that day. You are inspirational — the confidence, vulnerability, and honesty of your talk made the room shine. I hope to find myself along…

Simone, Atlanta GA

Thank you for such a powerful session at the #GoizuetaENGAGE conference.  I walked away from today’s session feeling that not only was I armed with a new definition of success, but also that I had finally met someone who had created a career that I desired to model. If I am honest about my skills, I know,…

Chris, Mason OH

First of all, I want to say how much I really enjoyed your talk at our event this week.  In general, I do not belong to any women’s groups and do not like to set myself aside as being any different than any of my male counterparts; after all, I feel everyone has some sort of…

Amy H, Cincinnati, OH

Cherylanne came and spoke to our North American Women in IT Organization and she was AMAZING! Definitely one of the BEST external speakers we have had in several years. The topic ‘Bridging the Confidence Gap with Courage’ was very well received with our women, regardless of years or level within our company. Everyone could relate…

Francie Engel, Bend, OR

My experience using Cherylanne as a business coach was a great gift to myself. I am a mother and a wife and I struggled with spending the money on myself. I am glad I did for so many reasons. I learned so much about what it takes to run a business. I was able to weigh out…

Penny, Loveland OH

Cherylanne is such an awesome speaker. She spoke to a group of moms who are all knee deep in the trenches of toddlerhood. Her ability to relate to us with compassion, sensitivity and enthusiasm was appreciated by all. She spoke about eating well and nutrition and the group was completely focused on her every word,…

Tracey, Fort Thomas, KY

My life was really good!  That was how I would describe my life because as I looked at my life, there wasn’t one thing I could say was bad.  My children are wonderful – striving and thriving!  My husband adores me and he is my most favorite person to be with on any day.  I had created…

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