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When I'm invited to speak at an event, my response is actually physical; my pulse quickens, and my heart races, and my palms sweat a bit. Can you picture me as I answer the phone or open the email? 

At first glance, you might view this as a predictable response given that 75% of the population cites public speaking as their #1 fear. But it's never been mine. In truth, I experience the chance to speak on stage as pure, unadulterated joy, so my reaction is actually driven by excitement and tremendous gratitude, akin to a girl being asked on a date, delighted by her good fortune.


For as long as I can remember, I've cherished the opportunity to use my voice to inspire and uplift others. In fact, when I was just four years old, I delivered a talk to a standing-room-only congregation in our church at Christmas Eve mass. (Oh how I wish we had video of this!) I hold fond memories of speech classes, on-stage debates, theater productions, and my valediction at my graduation. I love that feeling of looking out into an audience and seeing my message land. I love the aha moments I witness and the head nods as someone's world view is expanded or affirmed. I love knowing that words matter and that when people are given a chance to open their minds to a message, beautiful things can happen. 

Speaking runs deep in my veins, and it's a privilege I'll never take for granted. My voice is my gift, and I'm here to use it.

If you're on this page looking for a speaker for your event or gathering, I'd love the chance to discuss your objectives and see if I can be of service. This page highlights some of my signature talks, but if nothing looks quite right, I'm happy to develop custom content just for your group. The right message matters, and I want you to achieve just the tone and transformation you're seeking for your audience.

Beyond that, my team and I are committed to making you look great at your event. We know how hard it is to manage so many details for so many people; that's why our goal is to be primarily self-sufficient and super easy to work with.  We meet our deadlines and we over deliver.

Spend a few moments exploring this page and if your interest is piqued, then let's chat. I'd be delighted to hear from you!

A Message for Event Planners

Invite Cherylanne to speak at your event.

To inquire about booking Cherylanne as a speaker, contact team here.

Invite Cherylanne to speak at your event.

To inquire about booking Cherylanne as a speaker, contact her team here.

Formal Credentials:

Cherylanne Skolnicki is a top-rated speaker on work-life integration, life design, and wellness who delivers both dynamic keynotes and engaging workshops  to spellbound audiences.

By all accounts, she is exceptional on stage, smart, poised, eloquent, warm and funny. She takes care always to understand the composition and interests of her varied audiences, and she balances the well-researched information she shares with real-world pragmatism and relatable personal examples.

Her clients have included Procter & Gamble, Emory University Goizueta Business School, Kao Brands, The E.W. Scripps Company, US Bank, Fifth Third Bank, The Nielsen Company, Phillips Edison, Midwest Financial Group, Truepoint Wealth Council, The Junior League of Cincinnati, The Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber of Commerce, Girls on the Run, and many civic and nonprofit groups.

“I love being with an audience and watching my message land. I can see it in their eyes as the energy in the room shifts. I just live for that moment.” - Cherylanne

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