Lessons Learned While Traveling Abroad with 3 Kids

I just got back from a BIG vacation with my family. Two entire weeks, y’all – the longest I’ve taken from work since I started my first business!

And can I just brag for a minute? It was – oh, so good.

We’re travelers and explorers by nature – my family gravitates to trying new foods, seeing new sights, and just being curious everywhere we go. My husband and I decided our three kids were finally old enough to go on a BIG trip (big legs = big trips right?). And so – we went to Europe.

And how was it – beyond the Instagram highlight reel?

, Lessons Learned While Traveling Abroad with 3 Kids

I’ll be honest with you. It was absolutely amazing.

And let me just back up before your eyes roll too far back in your head.

Because in theory, vacations are amazing. You get to watch your kids or family marvel at different parts of the country or the world. You recharge from your hard work. Most importantly, you and your family make memories for a lifetime.

But reality often looks different: From choosing a destination to budgeting to issues while on vacation, what was supposed to be a time of relaxation and peace often becomes chaotic and stressful.

And also, kids.

Want to know a secret?

My kids are just like your kids.

Just like yours, they get tired, and cranky, and then they pick on each other and then someone inevitably gets their feelings hurt. Sometimes they aren’t thrilled about the activity ahead of us for the day, and they certainly let everyone know.

And vacations aren’t any exception.

, Lessons Learned While Traveling Abroad with 3 Kids

The only difference between my vacation and yours? I don’t cross my fingers and hope for the best, Instead, I lean even further into reality, and plan ahead to minimize potential downsides.

In today’s episode, you’ll hear about the biggest mistakes people make when planning vacations and on the vacation itself—and you’ll hear what to do instead so you can experience a delightful vacation that recharges you instead of draining you.

, Lessons Learned While Traveling Abroad with 3 Kids

Show highlights include:

  • If you’re taking your kids on vacation, this is how you make sure they stay curious and have amazing experiences while traveling. ([13:00])
  • The big benefits of hotels vs. vacation rentals like AirBnB. ([16:30])
  • How to go to 5 star hotels paying 3 star rates. ([17:00])
  • When “touristy” vacations are perfect (and nothing to be ashamed of). ([26:30])

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