Give yourself some credit

I went to bed last night beating myself up about three things I didn’t get to finish. They were in my game plan for the day and I just ran out of steam before I got to them. Nothing catastrophic is going to happen as a result because they weren’t hard and fast deadlines, just commitments to myself, but my inner critic was working overtime nonetheless.

“What is WRONG with you? C’mon can’t you push a little harder? The kids are in bed.  And there are three whole things you said you were going to do today that are still not done. Worse, you write about productivity. I mean what is that about? What would people think?”


I didn’t necessarily get that voice to quiet down in the moment, but this morning, well-rested and with a fresh cup of coffee, it occurred to me that what I needed to do was to give myself a little credit.

It wasn’t about the three things not yet done. It was about all the things I got done.  , Give yourself some credit

It was enough.

, Give yourself some credit

Let’s look at how yesterday unfolded:

I woke up early, worked out, and had my daily Bible time. I made blueberry pancakes from scratch. I made coffee.

I took my family of 5 to church (bathed, dressed and hair brushed no less).

I had (another) heart to heart with my oldest about this quote. I made lemonade with my littlest. I served lunch on the patio (because, SUN, finally!). I took my middle child to an end-of-year sports party.

I organized our plan for the week, made a healthy dinner on the grill, baked brownies for an event, and supervised work on three separate school projects.

I did two loads of laundry, researched summer camps for the umpteenth time, looked into vacation accommodations, sent a sympathy card and a graduation card, and swept and mopped the kitchen floor.

I made sure everyone had clothes for the next day, and full water bottles, and snacks in their backpacks. I read stories, and said prayers, and kissed cheeks.

But those THREE THINGS still undone….argh. , Give yourself some credit

You can see how ridiculous this was. Even I can see how ridiculous it was in the light of a new day.

But we all do it.

We listen to the voices yammering on about everything we didn’t do instead of the one that remembers what we did. I’d bet my last dollar that you had your own version of a day like mine yesterday but that you’re still thinking about something you didn’t get to.

Let’s give the floor to a different voice today. Let’s listen to the voice that gently reminds us of all the things we’ve done instead of what we haven’t. The one that says it’s enough. That we’re enough.

I think it’s high time we give ourselves a little credit. , Give yourself some credit

Don’t you?

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