Enrollment Coach

Hiring: Sales Role

Want to help working women feel like they have it all???

Want to work from home during the hours YOU are available to work and earn a lucrative commission, get top mentoring, and speak to inspiring women making a difference every day?

, Enrollment Coach


I'm Cherylanne Skolnicki, the founder of Brilliant Balance and host of the podcast by the same name. I am a coach who helps high-achieving working women honor their callings both at work and at home so they can shine brightly in both spaces.

I care about a lot of things – being fully present to my family, building lasting relationships, having a strong faith life, using my gifts, investing in my community, doing work that matters, nourishing my own well-being, and enjoying financial freedom - so the life I’ve designed allows me to experience success on my own terms.

And that is what I want for the women I work with, so my team and I have dedicated ourselves to serving values-driven women who want to find Brilliant Balance.

In this role, you would be speaking with high achieving women who have already expressed interest in our coaching program. NO cold calling and 100% warm leads.

Your job will be to hold a sacred space for her to open up about her life - what's working, what's not working - and then have her get real with herself about the cost of not addressing her challenges. That way, her innate power to solve it once and for all can kindle – and then you give her the confidence that with our help, she actually CAN solve this and live the life she's always wanted for herself.

You will help me decide if these women are a great fit for my program and committed to taking action, and then my team will guide the process from there and continue the momentum to build her intended future.

I’m looking for someone who loves working with and around high achieving women, has a high intellect, has a strong intuition and the ability to read people well, who enjoys being challenged and wants to attain personal and professional growth as part of an inspiring team.

Remember, environment is powerful. We protect ours and will only bring on people who are prepared to contribute, deliver results, and help us raise the bar for our team and our clients. We' ll do the same for you.

Is This You?

+ successful sales experience (high ticket sales preferred)

+ high intellect

+ strong intuition, able to read people well

+ top notch verbal communicator

+ quick learner and rapid assimilator

+ coachable - open to feedback and able to internalize and act on it

+ love working with and around high achieving women

+ naturally curious about psychology, mindset, and human behavior

+ organized and able to follow a structured schedule

+ technically competent and willing to learn

+ access to quality phone and computer

+ able to work from home during “school hours" without distractions

+ no money issues - not afraid to talk about it, be around it, ask for it, earn it

This is not for you if:

+ You are a coach or aspiring coach and/or have a high ticket business yourself.

+ You’re looking for a quick way to make some cash. Yes you DO earn great money here, but it asks from you commitment, dedication, and the willingness to master this new art over time. We’re looking for longterm partnership!

What we offer:

+ work from home during school hours (ummm, hello?!)

+ lucrative commission per client due to high ticket offer

+ complimentary access to the signature SHINE Coaching experience

+ training and ongoing development through a top sales leadership firm

+ more time off per year than you’ve probably ever had (!)


+ geographically independent - work from anywhere

+ commission only - independent contractor

+ start at minimum of 15 hours a week; grow to full time if desired based on performance

How to Apply:

  1. Fill out the application below.
  2. Attach your resume to the application.
  3. We'll be in touch with next steps.

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