, Energy Pack

This 4-training series was previously recorded in a 30 Days to Vibrant Energy pop-up group. Hundreds of participants joined from all across the country, committing to an entire month of taking better care of themselves in order to feel better and raise their energy threshold. 

I recommend taking your time with these trainings just as the 30 Days to Vibrant Energy group participants did. Listen to one at the start of each week - there's a lot to take in, so give yourself time!

There is a science behind stacking new habits, and I'm going to teach you step-by-step so you can raise your energy threshold for GOOD. This is a game-changer - just wait till you see how you feel! 

Video 1 - Sleep

There’s no getting around it - you need plenty of sleep to function well! It's foundational to energy, and helps us physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Listen in as I teach you about the importance of a wind down routine, setting the stage for sleep in your room, and my best secrets for falling (and staying!) asleep.

Video 2 - Hydration

The benefits of hydration are staggering. So I'm talking about how to optimize liquids for managing energy.

In this training, I'll teach you about the four rules to maintain proper hydration, how much water you should actually be drinking, and some weekend watch-outs, including how to manage happy hour and those extra Starbucks runs.

Video 3 - Food

You are what you eat! Food is literally your fuel.

In this training, I'm going to dig into how your body uses food to control your energy, how you might be sabotaging your energy with your diet without even knowing it, and the three secrets to feeling good throughout the day so you can avoid the irritability, fatigue, and shakiness that comes with unstable blood sugar.

Video 4 - Movement

Exercise is key to energy because it literally creates energy in your body. 

In this training, I'm going to teach you about all the benefits of exercise - beyond just burning calories. I'll also discuss the best exercise for your lifestyle, how different workouts promote different types of energy, and how to fit a great workout into your busy day.