Episode #54 – But what if you started now?

So many of us have dreams stuck inside of us. Dreams we are going to get around to pursuing….someday. Someday I’ll go on my dream vacation. Someday I’ll start the new business I’ve always wanted to build. Someday I’ll start living the life I’ve always imagined. Someday is not a day of the week. Today’s…

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Episode #53 – What happened to your sense of adventure?

Too often when our responsibilities increase (the career, the house, the kids) we lose our sense of adventure under the weight of our obligations. Over time, the ‘sameness’ of our day-to-day lulls us into complacency. It’s hard to escape until one day, we wake up and realize we’re no longer having fun in this game…

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Episode #52 – Shifting Your Energy from Fear to Excitement

Fear and excitement actually FEEL very much the same in your body. Butterflies in your stomach, shortness of breath, or your heart beating faster…you know the drill. When your energy is coming from fear, you’re focused on what could go wrong, and you’re inclined to step back to safety. When you’re excited, your energy is…

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