Episode #130 – 3 steps to create emotional resilience

It’s important to view the world from an honest and informed perspective. After all, you can’t just stick your head in the sand and pretend that everything is always fine. But if you feel yourself slipping into an anxious state based on external factors, it’s important to understand what causes this…and also how you can…

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Episode #129 – Creative ideas to rebuild your village virtually

Staying connected in our current environment of quarantine and social distancing requires creativity. It’s not an option to turn yourself into a hermit simply because you’re forced to stay away from other people physically. We’re wired for connection, after all. While we know things will eventually return to normal, there’s no doubt that some innovations…

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Episode #127 – My “Surf or Swim” Time Management Approach

As a disclaimer, this episode was recorded prior to the social distancing impacts around current events.  If any pieces of this episode sound slightly tone deaf, it’s because they were recorded in a world that had a very different tone. It’s amazing how the world can change in just a couple of weeks, isn’t it?…

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