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Here's What to Do Next

STEP #1: Watch this video about your upcoming call

Step #2 - Breakthrough Preview

What is Breakthrough?

In this short video I'm going to pull back the curtain on an important aspect of the coaching work I do, and that's mindset. I'll explain the critical role your mindset plays in helping or hindering you as you up-level your life. In this video, I'll outline two distinct mindset patterns that are prevalent among the women I coach so you can pay attention to the role they may be playing in your life.

Step #3 - Hear from Brilliant Balance Alumnae

Curious about what it's like to work with me? Listen to a few of my clients talk about their experience in their own words in this video.

"I have to say I have had the BEST week I can remember in a long time! I've accomplished a ton, felt so much more present with friends and family, and truly enjoyed play/rest time that I was able to set aside. I seem to be shedding that ever-present cloud that was lingering above me filled with all the things I should be doing but don't know how I'll ever do. I proved to myself that I could make some real changes."

~ Sue K. after her second week in coaching

STEP #4: What We Expect of You

, What Is Next

First - Please BE READY at the EXACT time you team and I run our schedules tightly so it's really important that we start on time.

Second - Make sure you are in a quiet room with NO distractions at the time of your call (and have something to take notes with).

If you need to reschedule in order to make this happen, refer to the confirmation email that we sent when you booked the appointment.

Talk soon!

, What Is Next