"I would absolutely say my life is much better since going through the Breakthrough program.

I was successful in my job. I was doing well, I was earning a great income. I was progressing in the company...but I felt like a ball in a pinball machine. I was constantly running from one meeting or one appointment to the other...when I came home I was really spent, and as much as I wanted to dedicate my focus and attention to my children and my husband, I was tired and still had things running through my head from the day.

I hated that I wasn't able to give my family the quality time I wanted. And finally there was just this moment where I realized that, while I'm working really hard and I'm successful, I'm not feeling like I'm getting the most out of life. And I have these ongoing, lingering questions as to whether or not I'm doing the right thing.

Through the Brilliant Balance Breakthrough program, I was able to explore and articulate my purpose, and found that it did not match my current job. I started looking for other career opportunities that better matched this purpose and, quite frankly, now that I've made that change, I feel like I have a more rewarding set of work and better quality of life.

I would absolutely say my life is much better since going through the Breakthrough program. I needed a lot of support and coaching and encouragement to build my confidence to make such a big career change. It was through the coaching, the mindset work and the community of women in the Breakthrough program that really helped give me the courage to do it.


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, Amanda

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