Can just 4 words help you find your focus?

This morning I awoke to my five-year-old daughter snuggling deeply into the crook of my arm, her little limbs curled up under the covers. I glanced at my watch and was delighted to find I had 15 minutes before I needed to get out of bed to begin my day.

be where you are

No sooner had I come to this realization than I started to plot the use of those minutes. Maybe now is a good time to meditate. Or I could clear my email. Maybe I could surprise the kids with pancakes today. Or should I tack those extra minutes onto my workout? Maybe….

By the next time I looked at my watch, I was ten minutes closer to my alarm and no better off. Worse yet, I’d wasted the chance to just inhale the sweet scent of my baby’s hair, to feel her soft cheek against mine, to listen to her breathing.

A collection of words I try to live by surfaced in my mind.

Be where you are. Twitter_logo_blue

If you’re searching for better balance, these four words may be your answer. Twitter_logo_blue

I was way off track. Chastened by my own reminder, I exhaled and… Read more.


This post originally appeared on Best Kept Self, where I am a featured contributor. 

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