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A powerful new mantra for women with too much to do

Earlier this week I was staring down a to do list that did not want to squeeze itself into the time allotted. It was the proverbial 10 pounds of sugar in a 5 pound sack conundrum. I started with the usual – canceling an appointment or two, getting up early, staying up late, delegating a few things, removing a few more. This is the…

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All Work and No Play

When I left my corporate job to become an entrepreneur, it seemed my to do list grew exponentially. Things I used to hand off to teammates or agencies had no where else to land,  so on my list they stayed. And stayed. And stayed. Each day I worked wholeheartedly to grow my fledgling business…and yet at the…

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Are you resigned to being stressed?

If you were to eavesdrop on the conversations in any given lunch spot on any given Tuesday, you’d hear a lot of stressed and unhappy people.   “It’s a job. It pays the bills.” “I only have 5 years till retirement. I can stick it out.” “I never thought I’d be here this long…but whatever.” “I have…

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