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Merry and Bright

As we close the books on Christmas 2014, and turn our attention to the fresh start 2015 offers, I find myself wanting to hold onto the candlelit glow of the holidays just a little bit longer. When December dawned, with an early snowfall and a burst of Christmas cheer, I actually felt ready this year.…

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A moment’s peace

The holidays are upon us, and I have one simple holiday wish for you this year. Amid the hustle and bustle of the next week or two, I pray you’ll find a few moments of quiet and calm in which to take in the blessings of this season. I wish you a moment’s peace. (If…

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Picture Perfect… Or not

I received a Christmas card this week from a dear friend and the picture was so beautiful it literally stopped me in my tracks. She and her husband and their two gorgeous little girls were perfectly arranged on a blanket, smiling into the camera, with a fence and a host of trees in full autumn…

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